Episode 4: Maths manipulatives with Marissa Cashmore

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In this episode, Marissa steps out of the co-hosting chair to join Alex as a featured guest to discuss the use of physical manipulatives and materials to teach maths concepts and the importance of these for learners of all ages. Marissa shares her top 5 (plus a cheeky 6th) must-have materials for the maths classroom as well as some great task recommendations. 

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

1. Marissa's maths manipulatives list - link

2. A blog by Marissa about manipulatives - link

3a. Four Cube Houses task - link

3b. Four Cube Houses, Marissa's post - link

4a. Chicken Scramble game in Growing Mathematically (page 36) - link

4b. Chicken Scramble, Marissa's post - link 

5. Book about learning goals: Active Learning through Formative Assessment – Shirley Clarke

6. Conceptual PlayWorlds keynote by Professor Marilyn Fleer - link

Oh, and here's the dessert menu that Marissa selected from - link


Thank you for listening to this podcast episode which is part of a seven part series airing in the lead up to the International Day of Mathematics which, in 2024, is celebrating the theme 'Playing with maths'.

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