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Evolutions on the Game of Nim

Episode One
The Ancient Game of Nim

The game of Nim has a long history and many variations.

It's a game that invites critical and creating thinking and rewards logical reasoning.

This is an early variation involving three piles...

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Episode Two
Nim on a Ten Frame

Nim on a Ten Frame is an fun variation on Nim, and also has many of its own variations.

What better way to become familiar with a Ten-frame and practise counting than with this logic game!

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Episode Three
Subtract-a-Square Nim

Subtract-a-Square is another nifty Nim variation that involves one of our favourite maths concepts - square numbers.

We really like it and wanted to #PlayItForward in case you do too. 

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Episode Four
Nim on a Hundred Chart 

This is another clever Nim variation that brings in a hundred chart and invites place value thinking and application. 

We could quickly see why this is a great variation for play both in and out of the classroom. 

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