Big Day of Maths Play (BDoMP!)

Play Ideas and Inspiration

The Maths Play potential is limitless.

Sometimes all we need is a little idea or some objects to get us started. 

This page spotlights a variety of maths play activities that we've enjoyed.

Perhaps something here will spark an idea for your own maths play.

Whatever your choice, we hope that you will have fun playing with maths.

Then, if you like, we'd love to hear about it!¬†Play it forward by¬†sending us a photo and caption about your play to [email protected]

We would love to learn from you ūü™ī

Leaf Games and Stories

Collect and play with leaves to create leaf stories and connect your knowledge of number to the play. Find resources and inspiration here.

Number Pattern Play

Play with number patterns. Note down what you know, make observations and see what new discoveries you can make.

Playing with Squares

Play with square numbers numbers. Explore which numbers can make a square and see if you can find a pattern.

Symmetry Play 

Play with geometry by creating designs and noticing the symmetry and other properties that emerge. Take a photo of your favourite design/s and play them forward. Looking for printable grids? Here are some.

Mental Play With Dots

Brains love playing with and making sense of dots. These dot visuals are ready for your brain to think about and see in different ways. We'd love to know the result of your mental play with dots.

Pattern Block Play

Whether you have access to physical pattern blocks of this virtual place space, the play possibilities are endless. We adore Forty Faces and Pattern Block Triangles.

Puzzle Play 

Enjoy maths for its own sake through an enticing puzzle that invites thinking and creative solutions. We love this extensive menu of puzzle cards. For older players, check out Sudoclue, Who am I? robots and SolveMe Mobile too.

Computing Play 

Use maths to code a meaningful project like a digital artwork, animation or game. Turtle Art and Scratch are free places where creators play new designs and activities into being.  


Playful Maths Games 

Not all maths games are playful. But there are many cleverly designed, enticing games starring mathematical ideas to try. See here for five favourite number games. And here are some Dot Memory Variations.  

Domino Play

Dominoes appear to have infinite maths play potential. Play a game, solve a puzzle or sort dominoes according to a rule of your choosing...  Or create your own domino activity!

Special Number Play 

Whether it be your birth date, a favourite number or simply a number you are interested in exploring... Start with a drawing or a recording and see what's possible. 

Other Ideas

It's impossible to create an inspiration gallery and include every way to maths play. The Maths Play door is open to hear form anyone of any age, anywhere ‚ÄĒ¬†how are you enjoying time for¬†mathematical¬†play?

What maths play are you enjoying? #PlayItForward!

Help us to inspire the growing Maths Play community with your play.

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