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Series 1

Episode 1: The Ancient Game of Nim

The game of Nim has a long history and many variations.

It's a game that invites critical and creating thinking and rewards logical reasoning.

This is an early variation involving three piles...


During play...

  • What do you notice? What do you wonder? 
  • Keep a look out for patterns that occur in play. 
  • Observe the game as it plays out. What decisions do players make to help ensure a win?
  • Consider playing variables like:
    • Does it matter whether you are player 1 or player 2? Does player 1 or 2 help you win? Or is it irrelevant?
  •  Consider What if...? questions like:
    • What if... I play to make the piles even?
    • What if...I play to make the piles uneven? 
    • What if...I play the number of piles down to two? Will this help me win?

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