Marilyn Fleer's Conceptual PlayWorld 

6 July 2023, Keynote Address 

Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer

Marilyn Fleer is an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow and Director of the Conceptual PlayLab at Monash University. 

This keynote was sponsored by Monash University.


The keynote from Maths Play's first conference is now available here to view on-demand. 

In this presentation, Marilyn demonstrates how imagination (jumping into a story) can build imagination in STEM learning (solving a maths problem to help the characters).  

Enjoy this keynote recording and count it as an hour of professional development:

Part 1: Engagement in mathematics

Part 2: A Conceptual PlayWorld in Years Foundation and 1  

Part 3: A Conceptual PlayWorld in Years 5 and 6

Part 4: Why imagination matters

Part 1: Engagement in Mathematics

Marilyn draws on a range of compelling evidence to set the scene for the what, why and how of this exciting collaboration with Macclesfield Primary School teachers and students.



Part 2: A Conceptual PlayWorld in Year F/1

Marilyn shares and elaborates on 5 short video clips illustrating each of the characteristics for building a Conceptual PlayWorld.

The case study used is of Foundation and Year 1 students and teachers at Macclesfield Primary School and the book used to launch the learning is 'Ravi's Roar.'



Part 3: A RealWorld situation with 5/6 students

Marilyn shares what it can look like to build, and learn in, a Conceptual PlayWorld (RealWorld Scenario) in Years 5 and 6.

The case study involves students and teachers at Macclesfield Primary School and the book used to launch the learning is 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.



Part 4: Why imagination matters

Marilyn shares research on imagination and engagement in mathematics and some further reflections from teachers about the program.

She finishes by pointing to further Professional Learning opportunities and resources for teachers provided by Monash University. 


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