Teaching Approaches

Dot Number Talks

Dot talks are an ideal way to build confidence and habits of reasoning when solving arithmetic problems. Start with dot formations and, when appropriate, apply the same thinking routine to written arithmetic problems with Number Number Talks.   

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Number Talks

A number talk is a short daily activity where we mentally solve arithmetic problems and discuss their strategies. Over time, learners develop flexible thinking and habits of reasoning which ultimately support mathematical precision, confidence and joy.

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Mathematical puzzles create motivating contexts to apply everyday maths facts in ways that involve logical reasoning.  We bring together puzzles that are accessible and have been carefully designed for educational use. 

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Not all maths games are created equal. We draw on research and experience to critically evaluate and bring together a collection of games that create positive, playful and powerful maths learning experiences.

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Open-ended block play

Many benefits come from creating time and space for self-directed exploration in mathematically rich environments. As key maths concepts emerge from children's play, opportunities arise for teachers to use student ideas and artefacts as springboards for explicit teaching and learning.

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Maths thinking routines 

Outside of classic Number Talks, many maths thinking routines exist that actively invite and value all mathematical diversity, strengthen student relationships with maths an with each other, and develop key thinking skills that are often missing from the maths experience. 

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Everyday maths talk

Talking about maths in playful and positive ways can transform people's perceptions and relationship with mathematics. It is also a foundational approach to support mathematical understandings and skill development over time. 

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Storybooks can create meaningful contexts for student to explore and play with key maths concepts and skills. 

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We have discovered a variety of domino games and challenges for all ages that provide hands-on and social ways to explore and play with maths. Here we provide activities that we know of and love for the way they foster number sense and everyday maths enjoyment.

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Playful problems 

With a one or two simple tweaks, teachers can transform typical maths problems from painful and meaningless tasks to ones that can spark curiosity and joy. Here are some examples of what this can look like and sound like.

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Digital Technology

As in all disciplines, certainly digital technologies play an important role for creating access to positive, playful and powerful maths learning opportunities.  But not all resources fit these criteria. To support families and schools, we gather together and offer voluntary reviews of both free and paid products using informed pedagogical arguments. 

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