Effective use of manipulatives in F to Year 6 

Workshop Led by Marissa Cashmore 

Big Day of Maths Play: Primary Education Conference

6 July 2023

This workshop was sponsored by Motivating All Maths Learners.

Marissa Cashmore

Teacher & Learning Specialist

Marissa is a teacher and primary maths consultant from Melbourne, Victoria. She values the use of rich, authentic mathematical tasks to create learning experiences that provide opportunities for all learners to succeed.

Marissa has an active social media presence @AusTeacherRiss and the Motivating All Maths Learners website.

Workshop resources


Content Available

Video 1: Intro & Warm Up,  Video: 11 minutes
Video 2: Challenges with Cubes,  Video: 4 minutes
Video 3: Challenges with Cubes (cont.),  Video: 7.5 minutes
Video 4: Buttons as Counters Video: 4.5 minutes
Video 5: Bottle Caps as Counters Video: 8.5 minutes
Video 6: Shapes Video: 8.5 minutes
Video 7: Closing Ideas Video: 4.5 minutes

1: Intro & Warm Up


2: Challenges with Cubes


3: Challenges with Cubes (cont.)


4: Buttons as Counters


5: Bottle Caps as Counters


6: Shapes


7: Closing Ideas


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