Play - it's in the maths curriculum

Because you’re here on this site you’ve probably (like us) cottoned on to the reality that play is a critical context for learning. 

Yet time for maths play continues to be ’treated as a treat.’ That’s if it's on the menu at all.

It may feel like a long time coming, but play-based learning is explicitly mentioned in the new Australian Maths curriculum. It was encouraging to read, to say the least.

Students further develop proficiency and positive dispositions towards mathematics and its use as they…

…explore situations, sparked by curiosity, using physical and virtual materials to represent, sort, quantify, compare and solve everyday problems (Foundation)

…develop a sense of equivalence, fairness, repetition and variability when they engage in play-based and practical activities (Year 1)

…develop a sense of equivalence, chance and variability when they engage in play-based and practical activities (Year2)

Taken from ACARA (2022). Australian Curriculum: Mathematics F–10 Version 9.0, Curriculum content F-6. Accessed here.

It’s not a comprehensive how-to guide (yet!) but this is where a global community Maths Play Movement can help.

It's also worth mentioning that we see the ideas in the above curriculum excerpt as applicable to learners of all ages, including but not limited to, the junior years. 

Maths Play is for everyone - one of our mantras ;)

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