3 places to learn about learning through play

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Maths Play is dedicated to unpacking and understanding the what, why and how of playful maths teaching and learning approaches.   

To do this, we've started to explore the extensive learning through play research and evidence base that's already established.  

The research is very much in. And it's coming out of our ears.

In this post, we recommend three websites to check out for research-based information and resources.


1. The National Institute of Play

It's hard to be sure that the Maths Play journey would have started without having read the book Play: How it Shapes the Bain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul by Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play.

Among the many gems, is the concept of 'play personalities' or what we are thinking about in the Maths Play research as 'play preferences' and 'ways to play'.  

This website is the place to go if you'd like deeper understanding of what it means to play, the science of play and why it's so important to engage in and value play throughout our lives.  


2. The Pedagogy of Play (PoP) Project

In 2015, Project Zero by Harvard University launched Pedagogy of Play (PoP) — a research project the nature of playful learning in schools. 

Funded by The Lego Foundation, the project investigates three core questions:

  • Why do educators need a pedagogy of play?
  • What does playful learning look and feel like in classrooms and schools?
  • How do educators set up the conditions where playful learning thrives?

Check out the PoP web page for inspiring articles, resources and more.


3. The Lego Foundation

The Lego Foundation website, Learning Through Play has an excellent and extensive set of resources, including research and learning through play activity suggestions for all ages.

Here are three resource pages we've found particularly valuable:

🛼 Five ways to spot playful learning 

🛼 Why school time is playtime This important page includes a  link to this Whitepaper.  

🛼 Let's Play! Lots of learning through play activity suggestions for ages 0 through 12+


In Sum 

So if you want to learn more about the power of play, we recommend taking some time to explore any or all of these three incredible spaces.  

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