Alex Box


Alex has been an educator for over 15 years and entered the profession as an integration aide before qualifying as a primary teacher. After a number of year in school roles, she spent another several years working on a series of mathematics research and development projects across a range of organisations. 

As someone who identifies as formerly maths-anxious, Alex brings an important perspective to conversations about maths education. She collaborates with various organisations, schools and individuals on projects to raise awareness about the open, creative and playful nature of mathematics. 

In March 2023, Alex founded; a community project focussed on the playful, positive and powerful nature of learning mathematics. In particular, alleviating maths anxiety by opening up maths and bringing both joy and logic back into the equation. The nature of this work is collaborative and focusses on:

→ Developing socially responsible narratives around what it means to be mathematically successful
→ Supporting the wider community to access positive maths messages and experiences
→ Reuniting maths with play and elevating ‘playing with maths’ as a cultural norm alongside ‘getting lost in literature’

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