Episode 3: Exploring maths outdoors with Sam Millar

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Outdoor Learning Coordinator and Teacher Sam Millar joins Marissa and Alex to chat about maths in the outdoor classroom across all primary school years. Sam explains many benefits to teaching outside and shares insights also around embedding First Nations perspectives. She provides practical advice and strategies for implementing an outdoor program.

1. Check out Sam's Facebook Group: Outdoor Learning in the Primary Years (5-12 yrs) - link

2. Check out the website of Juliet Robertson, author of Messy Maths, for lots more resources about Maths Outdoors - link

Oh, and here's the dessert menu that Sam selected from - link


Thank you for listening to this podcast episode which is part of a seven part series airing in the lead up to the International Day of Mathematics which, in 2024, is celebrating the theme 'Playing with maths'.

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