How to take part in the 

Big Day of Maths Play

Lovingly nicknamed BDoMP!

What is BDoMP!?

BDoMP is short for Big Day of Maths Play which is a special occasion we have started to mark on 28 June. Can you guess why we chose this date to celebrate? For a very big clue, watch this.

Of course, we believe that playing with maths is for any day. But having a dedicated day is an opportunity to raise awareness and celebrate the playful nature of mathematics.

A special invitation

It is our mission to help bring joy and logic back into the maths education equation. But we can't do it alone!

This year, we are inviting everyone of every age to put aside time for Maths Play. And then share the value of that experience with the growing Maths Play community. We invite you to #PlayItForward!

Help us reunite maths play and raise awareness about the positive, playful and powerful nature of mathematics. 

Follow the 3 steps below to get involved!

Step 1

Play with maths 

The play potential is infinite! Looking for inspiration?  You'll find plenty of that and activity suggestions in this dedicated gallery here.

Step 2

Evaluate your experience

Take a moment or two to ask yourself/yourselves:

Why was this fun? What did skills, knowledge or new perspectives did you gain? What does it make you want to do next or later on?

Step 3

Play it forward! 

Share a favourite maths play activity with a friend, family member, your class or someone else you think might enjoy it. Or #PlayItForward to us with an email to Maths Play! 

Ready to #PlayItForward to us Maths Play?

Help us to inspire the growing Maths Play community with your play.

Ways you can #PlayItForward:

  • Send a¬†photo¬†or two of your #mathsplay in action together with¬†a caption about what's happening in your¬†play.¬†Send to¬†[email protected]¬†
  • If you¬†use social media, share¬†this page and¬†include¬†describe one of your favourite ways to maths play in the post. Tag us¬†@mathsplay_org¬†and use the hashtags¬†#MathsPlay #PlayItForward

Maths Play acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live, learn and work, and pay our respects to Elders past and present. Maths Play is dedicated to learning and operating in ways that acknowledge, respect, celebrate and learn from the original and beautiful cultures of these lands.